Other Links

[*] Biocomputing and Linux . A collection of information, not only for Linux.
[*] Chemical MIME standard . How to set WWW browsers and others net-related for chemical applications.
[GPL] New! chemsuite is a being developed Chemical Drawing and Simulation Software for Linux/X11. This software is in early development and when it is done it will enabled to do Monte Carlo simulation, Molecular Drawing, Molar Weight Calculation, Molecular 3D Modeling and Chemical reaction Simulation.
[*] Comprehensive Listing of Chemistry Related Software
[*] Conecta Linux Pages for useful links
[*] CSSJ (Chemical Software Society of Japan) provides the original chemical softwares (including Java applets) in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and chemical education.
[*] DPSC (Distributed Parallel SuperComputer) is a cluster of 16 Dual PPro/200 running Linux.
[*] HEPpc Linux Resources for High Energy Physics. See also their General & Scientific Software
[*] Molecular Biology links
[*] Molecular Linux Molecular Biology related programs for Linux.
[*] NMR Software
[*] Scientific Application on Linux (SAL)
[*] Software Related Sites by Computational Chemistry List (CCL) at Ohio
[*] Steven's Linux Home Page