Linux and Chemistry

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Welcome to the collection of informations and links of Chemical Software running under Linux.

Linux and Chemistry collection is finally back! There are several reasons of such a delay: a) the time I can dedicate to the collection decrease exponentially every year (see also the note below!!). b) during last year, due to network security reasons, the whole domain undergone heavy reconstruction with new servers, which of course forced me to re-write many scripts. The collection is now stored and visualized by means of MySQL database and PHP Web language, respectively.

Two words about the search facility:
(a) if no category is checked, then all categories are selected
(b) if no Name is given, then all items are selected
(c) the AND operator join above rules.
(d) the button "Order by Category" modify the order of output.
If you feel that an item should belong to a different/multiple category, have new links/software or simply you want to send comments/suggestions, mail to Carlo Nervi.

Permanent faculty members are sure slow writers. Yep, I think that's what happens when you become permanent. Just get old and slow!

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