cis-di(thiocyanato)- bis(2,2'-bipyridyl-4,4-dicarboxylate)ruthenium(II)

The cis-di(thiocyanato)- bis(2,2'-bipyridyl-4,4-dicarboxylate)ruthenium(II) was found to exhibit outstanding properties, taking it a very attractive new redox sensitizer. Of great advantage is its ability to harvest a large fraction of visible light combined with a relatively long excited-state lifetime. This renders it a very useful sensitizer even for homogeneous redox reactions. The four carboxylate groups linked to the two bipyridyl moieties assure intimate adsorption to the surface of oxides such as TiO2, providing at the same time strong electronic coupling between the charge-transfer excited state and the conduction band wave function manifold of the semiconductor. As a consequence, ultrafast electron injection from the excited complex into the semiconductor occurs at near 100% quantum yield [28].

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Registry Number: 159311-23-6
Formula: C26 H12 N6 O8 Ru S2 . 4 H
CA Index Name: Ruthenate(4-), bis[[2,2'-bipyridine]-5,5'-dicarboxylato(2-)-kN1,kN1']bis(thiocyanato-kN)-, tetrahydrogen, (OC-6-21)- (9CI)
Other Names: Ruthenate(4-), bis[[2,2'-bipyridine]-5,5'-dicarboxylato(2-)-N1,N1']bis(thiocyanato-N)-, tetrahydrogen, (OC-6-21)-; N3.
Class Identifier: Coordination Compound