Enhances opportunities

To enhance an energetic process means to enhance the energy yield. To enhance the chemical yield in the final product is one of the ways. The other way is to reduce the energy necessary for the process and to reduce the energy to build up the plant, i.e., to enhance the EROI (energy return on investment) that is the ratio between net energy production and energy investment. [1]


Effects: Reduce energy for transportation

Effects: reduce energy consumption for cutting

Effects: enhance availability of starch, cellulose and lignin. It enhance transport rate for chemical and enzymatic treatment. The whole effect is the enhancement of ethanol yield.


Effects: reduction of energy consumption for the detoxification of broth.

Effects: reduction of energy consumption, enzyme enrichment.

Effects: purification of cellulose (as co-product) and enhancement of ethanol yield.



Low Energy separation process alternative to distillation process


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