Using the Chime Menu

One accesses the Chime menu on Windows by right-clicking on the embed structure box. If you are using a Macintosh, hold down on the mouse key over the structure box and the menu will appear.
The menu allows one to interact with the structure being displayed.

There are two main threads of use.

Video showing how to use the select menu
Once a selection is made, all further actions through the menu will only work on the "highlighted" section. You are able to modify the selection by going to "Select | Highlight Selection" or one of the other select options.
Other key features on the Chime menu include "Sculpt Mode" and Transfer to Sculpt. Information concerning the Sculpt product can be located on the Web Site.

If you wish to use the hotlink to MDL's ISIS/Draw (used for drawing chemical structures), you must have ISIS/Draw installed on your machine. You can download a version of ISIS/Draw from the MDL Web site.