Introduction to Rasmol

The Chime plug-in has been enhanced with Rasmol. We have provided some Chime Rasmol specific script tags that allow you to provide additional interactivity using the script tag. You can find the Chime Rasmol language reference in the Chime site Developer Center. We also recommend that you visit some of the Great Chime Sites to see how the Chime community has been using Rasmol and Chime.
  • Spacefill the tri-NAG inhibitor
    -- on off
  • Spacefill lysozyme --
    on off

View the source of the page to see what scripting was used to generate this page. You are also able to move through a set of actions using the Chime menu. Once you have completed the necessary work, right click and select Copy Script to Clipboard. You are now able to paste the rasmol script used directly into your page.